Maternity payments in 2020 for the second child of a working mother
Second maternity leave and benefits for the second child in 2022
Maternity benefit in 2021 Maternity benefit for a woman awaiting birth
Who is entitled to additional leave?
We issue an order for additional leave
Leave for donation Employees of enterprises of various professions are ready to donate blood to help those in need
How sick leave is paid in 2022: important innovations, calculation examples
Payment terms Such insurance payments can be assigned after a person presents a sick leave certificate. For
Rules and procedure for filling out sick leave by an employer. Sample sheet
Correctly filling out a temporary disability form is a responsibility that lies not only with
Legislation on sick leave
How is sick leave closed and what happens if you leave it open?
Legislation The procedure for confirming the fact of illness, as well as the forms of documents on the basis of which this is carried out
Form T-53
Payroll for the issuance of wages in form No. T-53
A unified form or a customized Payroll Statement is one of those used within the company
Decrees on improving wages for federal civil servants were signed
What's new in payroll in 2022 has been provided for since 2022 Important
Fixed-term employment contract: when and by what rules to conclude it
An employer can enter into various types of employment contracts, depending on the specifics of employment or the nature of
8 facts about paying for New Year holidays in 2022
In 2022, the New Year holidays will last from January 1 to January 8, 2020,
Taxes and maternity benefits: are maternity payments considered income, are they taxed, as reflected in certificates 2 personal income tax and 6 personal income tax
Is payment of maternity benefits subject to personal income tax?
Taxation of maternity benefits with personal income tax The list of payments subject to personal income tax is listed in Article 217
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