When to pay income tax for an employee - table of personal income tax payment deadlines with examples
When to transfer personal income tax from salary According to the current fiscal legislation, the last date of settlements with the budget
VAT deduction on one invoice, but “in parts”. We argue with the position of the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Tax Service
Display with Payroll Document Suppose we need to enter a tax adjustment. Let's create a new document
How to submit an adjustment under the RSV: hot questions and examples of filling out
If data on employees does not need to be adjusted In this case, the report includes only
Salary for December 2022: when to pay and how to reflect it in 6-NDFL?
When to pay salary for December 2021 Days from December 31, 2022 to January 9
Calculation of insurance premiums (DAM) for the 1st quarter of 2022: example of filling out
All organizations and individual entrepreneurs (insurers) will have to fill out a new calculation of insurance premiums (DAM) for the first time.
What is profitability - analysis, types and calculation formulas
Capital gain in absolute terms, that is, profit is an indicator of the success of such a market entity
platonic system
Checking and paying fines using the Plato system - how to do it?
The Plato system is designed to compensate for damage caused to roads by heavy trucks. Coating wear rate
How are excise taxes paid on middle distillates?
Excise goods are middle distillates, which mean mixtures of hydrocarbons in a liquid state (with
Features of calculation, payment and registration of a patent: answers to complex questions
February 3, 2022 #Starting a business #Tax optimization This article was first published at the beginning
Book of income and expenses in 1C Accounting 8.3 (3.0) - setting up, filling out and finding errors
KUDIR is a book of income and expenses that must be maintained by all organizations and
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