account 83 in accounting
How to register and record the use of additional capital
Definition of additional capital Additional capital is a form of capital of a company. It represents formed
Calculation of compensation for unused vacation upon dismissal in 1C 8.3 Accounting 3.0: step-by-step instructions
A resigning employee who has not taken any vacation at all is not an uncommon situation. However, in 1C there is no standard
Sales of finished products in 1C 8.3 Accounting 3.0
Step-by-step instructions Attention! The VAT rate has been changed from 01/01/2019 from 18% to 20% and from
girl counting on a calculator
How to receive a dividend payment, where to look and what to count
How to calculate 1. Determine the number of shares you own. Information is available in your personal account
Acquiring in accounting for non-commercial organizations in 1C: Enterprise Accounting ed. 3.0
Acquiring settlements Acquiring settlements replace cash payments. How payment is made: The buyer presents
Carrying out an inventory
Shortage of funds at the cash desk: reasons, accounting, write-off, act
The organization took an inventory of the cash register and discovered that there was not enough money in it - this
About methods of financing with the participation of foreign capital
Despite the significant change in international tax rules, the foreign element has not completely disappeared. Therefore questions
what is UPD status
Is it possible to use UPD when providing transportation services?
VAT payers use a universal transfer document instead of a consignment note in order to reduce the number of accounting
Photo 7
What is the penalty for failure to provide leave to an employee?
The procedure for granting leave The legal basis for regulating the relationship between an employee and an employer is the Labor Code of the Russian Federation,
Application for compensation for unused vacation
Who and under what conditions can count on such compensation? First of all, it should be noted
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