We draw up a chart of accounts for budget accounting - sample 2018
We draw up a chart of accounts for budget accounting - sample 2020
Chart of accounts for public sector employees: features of legislative regulation Since 2011, budget structures that have been established
Registration of closing the cash register shift. Z report in 1C
Do I need to store Z reports? In fact, the shift closure report is a Z-report,
How to properly write off and liquidate a work book?
General information Our work records are kept like the apple of our eye in the personnel department of each organization,
Off-balance sheet account 001 “Leased fixed assets”
Organizations daily face situations where it is not possible to reflect property on balance sheet accounts.
Which off-balance sheet accounts are closed at the end of the year?
Accounting on off-balance sheet accounts in 1C. Budget accounting
For accounting purposes, balance sheet and off-balance sheet accounts are provided. The first ones are maintained to reflect cash and
Notice of import of traceable goods from the EAEU: how to fill out and submit
Several years have passed since the creation of the Customs Union, one of the goals of which was to reduce the tax
The organization has separate divisions. How to keep a cash book
Many companies accept cash from customers through structural units located offsite
How to deduct VAT paid at customs upon import
How does the country from which imports come affect the calculation? The procedure for calculating VAT is determined by two
review of financial indicators
What do operating expenses and income include?
In general terms, operating expenses are the costs of an enterprise that are not directly related to the main
Account 23 “Auxiliary production” in accounting
General characteristics of the account and its closure According to the main types of account classification. 23 is: By
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