How to check the correctness of filling out the VAT Declaration when maintaining complex VAT accounting in “1C: Accounting 3.0”
Don’t forget to get statements from all your banks. There are spare (reserve) current accounts, in case
liquidation of fixed assets
Spare parts accounting: postings, documentation and accounting
Features of replacing spare parts of a fixed asset Installation of new parts, assemblies, spare parts for a fixed asset
Certificate of write-off of equipment that has become unusable
Expert rating of goods warehouse accounting programs: TOP-8 systems of 2022
Methodological aspects of accounting for special equipment The procedure for organizing accounting of special equipment and special clothing,
Accounting for the construction of fixed assets in 1C: Accounting
Accounting for the costs of construction of fixed assets The management company intends to improve the territory of the village it serves.
VAT when providing services electronically: main aspects
The tax system of the Belarusian Republic was formed on the classical principles of taxation. The BR Tax Code includes
Accounting for distribution costs in trade organizations
Distribution costs for trading enterprises are those expenses that cannot be avoided when delivering
The concept of assets and liabilities of an organization
Concept and classification of assets Assets are the property of an enterprise that should bring profit in the future.
How to reflect business reputation (goodwill) in accounting and tax accounting
Having purchased an organization (business), its new owner acquires not only a property complex, but also a set of
debit 02 account
Account 02 in accounting - depreciation of fixed assets
How is account 02 maintained in the accounting of a Russian enterprise? To answer the question you need to contact
Additional contributions to the Pension Fund for hazardous working conditions
Features of working in hazardous working conditions Working conditions that can lead to
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